Technical Specifications and Standard Accessories

- Very suitable for medium and heavy plates or stainless steel

- Ferrules in full circle or varying radiuses can be done easily

- Pinch Rolls and Lateral Rolls move with hydraulic pistons

- Overload Protection

- Top Roll is powered by hydromotor and planetary gearbox

- Three digital readouts for easy roll positioning

- Hydraulic Drop-End for easy removal of finished ferrule

- Easy operation with Mobile Control Panel

- Welded Steel frames

- Induction hardened forged or rolled SAE 1050 (CK 45) Steel Rolls

- Conical Bending device

- Central lubrication system

- Hydraulic or electronic balancing system

- Built according to EC Safety Directives and has CE Mark

- Double Speed Working system

Optional Equipments

- Automation with NC and CNC Control

- Overhead Crane for large diameters

- Hydraulic Lateral Side Supports for large diameters

- Hydraulic plate ejector

- Interchangeable top roll for smaller diameter bending

- Ground and polished rolls

- Infinitively variable speed system