HPM 85-115 CNC


Hydraulic Punching Machine

Standard Specifications

- Punch and Die 022* – 0 26**

- Punch Holder

- Working Light

- Mobile CNC Control Panel

- Dividable Table

- Material Holder with Hydraulic clamp

- C- Spanner

- User’s Manual Book


- With the punching tool, holes and punches up to O 57mm (in 10′- 12”mm thickness) can be made easily and efficiently. The punches and dies are interchangable and easy to change Special tools and punches are available upon request.

- Table size 1400 x 1000mm

- On X and Y axis max.movement X:900 Y:600mm

- Max. carriage weight100 kg.

- Material thickness 2-20 mm

- Positioning precision 0,01mm

- On one axis max. movement speed of material holder 24m/min

- On two axis max. movement speed of material holder 30m/min

- Free software

- Manuel punching (MDI)

- You can enter and record the program (CAM)

- Programming with technical values