Universal Hydraulic Pressbrakers

1.Standard Specifications

- High capacity fabricating press with extra two  piece of guide piston

- One grde hydraulic pump

- Stroke, gradeless adjustable system (Stroke adjustment)

- Pressure, gradeless adjustable system (Pressure adjustment)

- Adjustable down table

- Rexroth, Bosch or Parker hydraulic systems

- Electrics are Telemecanique or Siemens

- Arrangement system to take down or up the table

- Up and down table, for replace the mould

- Automatic Selector

- Suitable for CE regulations

- User’s Manual Book in English

2.Special Features

- Specialpresbrake blade+ holder for blade+ 5 face prizm

- Up and down table special T-slotsı

- Working with foot pedal

- Fast working system